The New Way to Success

macafe has a strong base within the European market, in North Africa and in Arabic countries. We deliver a full range of coffee products and services and attractive sales propositions. Combining the finest roasted coffee, coffee machines from world leading producers and design accessories for a perfect presentation. Our skilled team serves our customers with technical support, logistics, barista staff training etc. macafe caters to every segment in the coffee market. We offer coffee products for bars, hotels, restaurants, coffee retailers, including the business and consumer market.

Who We Are

More than just coffee

It seems only yesterday… people delivering coffee to customers on their bicycles across the mountains. . Hard working men using firewood to transform green beans into tasty roasted coffee. Today, the world moves quickly and we are fully equipped with modern machines. But the company keeps true to its philosophy: our deep passion for our work and delivering the perfect cup to coffee lovers. This will never change. That day in 1931, now far away in time, in the little mountain village in Piedmont, Andrea Verri, Michele Mercandelli and Arcangelo Carbone felt they were starting a long journey. A journey where we fully developed our love, knowledge and skills for coffee to bring daily joy to our customers worldwide.

Today, almost 80 years later, we are still happy when someone, after emptying a good cup of coffee, smiles and asks…”please, another one!

Where We Are

MACAFE worldwide

We operate worlwide and our network continuously evolves. The company's modern administrative headquarter is located at Kevelaer in western Germany.

In our facilities we provide our warehouse for the short term regional business as well as our meeting- and show rooms. We're proud of the new building which allows us to merge operational and administrative tasks in one location.

Our History