Our scope of business

macafe is broadly and internationally positioned, we provide products and services around coffee, coffee preparation, coffee accessoires, coffee machines and spare parts. Furthermore we offer well-established and tailor-made business solutions for the hospitality industry, bulk caterer and facilities like offices, and airports.

Our strengths are our passion for coffee and the coffee-business, to succeed, to care about our partners and to be fair to suppliers and customers.

Trading with coffee

The core business

Of course, the fountain of our business is trading with wholesalers and retailers. We offer a great variety of merchandising-products and sales-promotions tools to fit the needs of these target group.

Some of our regular customers are EDEKA, Graef...We maintain a transparent and fair business relationship and focus on bothside's success.

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Think big

Business solutions

We supply the demand for really worthwhile business solutions, because we offer the whole range of products our customers need to run a prosperous coffee-business.
Coffee, machines, support!

Our business solutions cover a wide scope. We offer integrated concepts for coffee bars, sitewalk cafés or mobile coffee shops. Furthermore we provide professionell approaches for bulk-caterer and all kinds of the hospitality industry, wether they are hotels, restaurants, or event locations. We have attractive and very convenient soltuions for offices, or other work places, because we deliver the coffee by a subscription in conjunction with a free of charge coffee machine.

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New ways

Our online affiliates

We are modern and innovative and don't fear changes. So we love to use the internet as a mainstream distribution channel. Especially our partners become more and more successful with their online businesses, we provide the infrastructure, the know how, and the products.

For our partners there's no need for special technical skills, or special education to cope with the online business. Use our environment and our experience, your effort is reduced to a minimum.

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Premium support

Knowledge sales

The macafe Barista School is the division of the company where to perspective specialists receive an education on how to prepare the perfect espresso and feel the espresso tradition specified in the motto of macafe: ”macafe … coffee and more ...”

The trainings are provided for our distribution partners, for customers and their staff. Additionally we offer trainings on request with issues in sales, marketing, CRM and business development. Usually the trainings take place in our headquarter. Staff trainings and trainings for groups can be provided at the customer's destination.

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