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  • Our history

    Our founders used to say: “A product without a heart, won’t win any hearts”. That’s always been our philosophy. macafe is fully dedicated to the art of coffee brewing. From picking the finest coffee beans, roasting the smoothest blends and using the best coffee machines when the golden coffee crème fills the cup.macafe offers “La Dolce Vita” in every cup of coffee.

    In 1931 three Italian men started to roast traditional fresh coffee beans. They fell in love with the result: hand made coffee with delicate taste. Our wonderful story began. The macafe brand grew from a local shop in Piedmont to a global coffee company. With a strong customer base in Europe, North Africa and Arabic countries.

    Today we combine professional German management with the spirit and coffee knowledge of the traditional Italian coffee shop. The best of both worlds! macafe offers a full range coffee products for the business and consumer market. Our skilled team serves customers with technical support, logistics and barista training. Today, we still feel happy when someone, after emptying a good cup of coffee, smiles and asks…”please, another one!”
    macafe… more than just coffee… coffee from our heart.

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