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    As an italien roasting plant's partner (Macafe) with a long tradition (for 1931) in roasting coffee, you consistenly stay in touch with your customers regarding coffee.
    Furthermore the conversations become more detailed and intensive due to quotated services of producing private branded coffee and coresponding professional trainings.

    Where's the coffee from, how is the coffee cultivated, which activities ensure sustainability, can you visit the farmers...these are only some of the occuring questions. It's self-evident that you can't visit each coffee farmers in the world and additionally it's a matter of course that most of the raw coffee is purchased and processed by wholesalers.
    But if you choose a coffee farmer you can concentrate on quality and additional benefits. And because we're talking about natural products there will always be a reference to humans. Once committed to coffee, you're forced to satisfy your own curiosity. You can have many trainings about coffee, the machines, the preparation, the grinding, the roasting, etc. a lack of the knowledge about the origin still remains. This does not mean, that a visit closes the whole gap, but it's one more brick to enhance the own competence in this wide field.

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